A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Blueberry Jam.

Programmer: Sohom Sahaun

Art: Julia

Sound: Sky Menzies


Somewhere in the universe there is a dark place. A world where all possibilities meet. A world that drinks blood. You are here to do battle with yourself. Only one of you will survive. Survive by collecting blood from anything you can find.

Your blood decreases when you shoot... and even when you breathe.

Made by Me, Julia and s.

This is a very early-stage prototype of the game where you just need to avoid the cars and survive.

UPDATE v1.1:

- Added a Menu

- Added Enemies

- Added a time system

- Added a Gameover Screen

- More Challenging!


Move : Right / Left

Jump: Up

Shoot: X

Restart: R


Where The Red River Flows v1.1.exe 4 MB


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The game have potential. I think a little force/gravity tweak and maybe a double jump can do miracles in gameplay with litle effort.

Thanks. Will put that in my list. :D

The game was nice. I loved the movements of the character. The game was fun to play.

It would be more nice if a main menu and a pause menu are added.

Yeah... Did not have time for that. Will do shortly. :D

Thanks for your feedback.