A downloadable game for Windows

Cookie Pirate was made by 2 pirates in 48 hours for the first ever Butterscotch ShenaniJam, based on the theme Crunchy Pirate.

Programming : Sohom Sahaun (Guess who?)

Art: Menno Hageman (Bleh!)


You are a pirate made of a cookie who has a gun which can shoot choco-bullets. You have to kill all those bombs with the lowest number of deaths possible!

(Your score won't be zero, no worries. You will die. You should. Frustrating?)


Move: Right/ D, Left/ A

Jump: Up/ W

Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Aim: Mouse

Auto-Win: Space (If you are pissed enough and want to see how it looks when you win!)


Cookie Pirate 13 MB

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